Valentine’s Day Gifts for Mom | Stylish Vases She’ll Love

Valentine’s Day will come before you know it, and I’ve been looking for Valentine’s Day gifts for my mom that aren’t candy. My mom has been trying to lose weight and trying to avoid the temptation of candy and sweets this Valentine’s Day. I know she’d love some stylish gifts that aren’t food related.

Valentine’s Day Gifts for Mom | Stylish Vases She’ll Love
I found many different types of valentines for mom at tolada. Depending on your mom’s tastes and preferences, you may want to choose home decor, fashion jewelry or a warm winter scarf. I know my mom loves flowers so I chose a vase for her that I would fill with flowers. What woman doesn’t love receiving flowers on Valentine’s Day?

  • ‘The Rest’ – This ornate hand-shaped ceramic jar uses the geographic form of Francisco Guerreros Coronado and shows a group of Andean women conversing after a day of travel. While the jar won’t hold water, the vibrant reds and blacks will be the perfect backdrop for dried flowers and hay.
  • “Cobalt Patch” – This cobalt blue hand-blown glass vase is handcrafted in Mexico. Hand blown glass vases are really one of a kind, as each vase may contain tiny air bubbles and may vary slightly in size and shape. I would love to see this vase filled with white roses.
  • ‘Elegance – Black Rim’ – This unique hand-blown glass vase features fire and ice tones ranging from flaming reds to cool blues. The interior is dark, a lovely complement to the multi-colored exterior of the base. This modern vase would be an elegant choice for calla lilies.
  • ‘Carnival Confetti’ – The Carnival Confetti vase is a unique Murano style vase in hot tropical colours. Every brilliant color seems to be suspended in the glass. A bright yellow flower will complement the vase’s beautiful color.
  • “Magic Sky” – This beautiful hand painted vase comes from Mexico. The artist created a bright star design that shines through turquoise and cobalt lattice. The classic lines and design of this vase work best with a simple bouquet of white carnations or daisies.
  • “Carnival Colors” – Carnival Colors is by far my favorite vase. Like Carnival Confetti, it’s a Murano-inspired, hand-blown vase. The color is a little softer than carnival confetti, and the pink roses are absolutely stunning.
  • “Ancient Geometry” – If you are a fan of Inca-inspired designs, Ancient Geometry is for you. It is handcrafted and hand-painted and neatly arranged in intricate geometric shapes. Pair this vase with cat tails or dry eucalyptus branches.
  • “Amber Fan” – This vase is made using traditional glass blowing techniques and has a wide opening at the top shaped like a fan. This vase would be the perfect gift filled with yellow and orange sunflowers.
  • ‘Red Volcano’ – Red is the color of love and this hand-blown glass vase will perfectly display a dozen red roses. Elegant and stylish, this vase will definitely appeal to anyone with a modern taste.