Chinese-born, Murano-inspired glass blown

Do as the locals do in China
Settled by the Romans in the sixth century, Murano is a series of islands in the magical Venetian lagoon. The cobblestone streets lining Italian port towns exude romance and tradition, one of which is their famous glassmaking, better known as Murano glass.

The city became famous in 1291 as a glass-making center. It was at this time that the Republic of Venice, fearing the fire and the destruction of most of the city’s wooden buildings, ordered all glass-making foundries to move to Murano.

Skilled artisans in Murano have led Europe in the art of glass for hundreds of years and have developed numerous techniques that further refine the craftsmanship. Their breakthrough technology is the creation of crystal glass, enameled glass, golden glass, multicolored glass, milk glass, (lattimo) and imitation gemstones made of glass.

Well, I definitely saw all the fuss! Each of their Murano-inspired masterpieces will captivate you with their bold personality while keeping it simple and understated. Dress up your living room with a pretty glass vase like the two above. Even add some contrast by filling it with a bouquet of white hydrangea or roses.