Blown Art Glass Manufacturer in China

Tolada’s story

Tolada® is a Chinese brand of handblown glass products under Kingcats Fence Limited. We mainly design, manufacture and sell hand-blown glass products. The products mainly include hand-blown glass vases, glass candle holders, glass lampshades, glass ornaments, etc. Customized production according to customer’s special requirements. Our mission is to combine glass and art to maximize the beauty of glass.

We specialize in hand-blown glass making

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Customized various styles

All our products are suitable for sample processing and customization, and we also have the ability to design new products for customers.

We offer a variety of shipping methods

We provide a variety of transportation methods. Our orders for wholesalers are mainly provided by ocean transportation from Tianjin Port in China to other countries and regions in the world, and express delivery for sample orders or individual customers.

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